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Brief Introduction to LuYou

Nanjing Luyou Pulp Molding Company, Limited is a company established on the basis of the reform and restructuring of China National Packaging New Technique Development Bao-Ning Company. It is a specialized company which continues the same business scope of Bao-Ning Company, i.e. the research of pulp-molding technology, development and manufacture of pulp molding equipment and the promotion of the new pulp-molding technologies and products. It is an export-oriented enterprise of a share holding system and has a position of independent legal person. It undertakes its business with an integration of science research, industrial production and trading.

Representative of legal body: Xue Changxin
He has enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council since 1996 because of his outstanding distribution to the pulp molding technology.

Centering on the development of pulp molding technology, the Technical Development Department, Mold Center, Machining Plant, New Product Pilot Plant, Engineering Installation Department, etc., are set up in the Company. 35% of the working staff is the specialized engineering technical personnel, and 10% of the working staff is the senior engineers. The Company has a tremendous technical strength and is provided with complete facilities. It is an economic entity to undertake the research and development, experiment and demonstration and the production and marketing independently.

Luyou Company has collected the most excellent talented personnel from the former Bao-Ning Company, and has entirely carried on the pulp molding technology, accelerated the research in the pulp molding technology and developed the pulp molding technology in an all-round way. Therefore, the Company has maintained the advantages in the most complete technology, most advanced equipment and most complete range of product varieties in the field of pulp molding.

Main products of the Company:

  1. Series of pulp molding shaper and production lines:
    (1) There are two major types of products i.e. Series ZMB and Series ZKC depending on the different materials of the products.
    (2) Depending on different hourly production capacities, there are three models of the pulp-molding shaping machines, i.e. ZMB(ZKC)-500, ZMB(ZKC)-750 and 、ZMB(ZKC)-1000;
    (3) Depending on the different automation degrees, there are two types of the pulp-molding production lines, i.e. Model ZMB(ZKC)- I Production Line and Model ZMB(ZKC)- II Production Line.

    With 18-year experience, the egg-tray production line is a superior product of the Company. The company is the first one at home to manufacture the equipment of egg-tray production line which has the most advanced process, most rational configuration, most stable performance, most convenient operations and is of a complete range of sizes. It has been sold to 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and exported to Russia, Libya, Mexico, the Middle East, the South-east Asia, etc. It is well received by the customers.

  2. Model ZKC pulp molding production line for food containers:
    With the advanced pulp-molding technology, it can produce the food containers, dishes, bowls and cups as well as the plates for food preparation of supermarkets with both the interior and exterior surfaces being as smooth as the ordinary paper.
    The equipment of the production line consists of:
    (1) Pulping and pulp preparation system;
    (2) Pulp molding system;
    (3) Model ZKC-HHot-air drying system;
    (4) Hot-pressed re-shaping system;
    (5) Sterilization system.
  3. Model ZMB(ZKC)-H Special pulp-molding product drying equipment:
    (1) The appropriate drying capacity is provided according to the production capacity of the shaper;
    (2) The oil-fired, gas-fired or coal-fired heat supply systems are provided according to the energy supply conditions of the customers.
    (3) Either fully-automatic (Model ZMB(ZKC)-H -1) drying system or semi-automatic (Model ZMB(ZKC)-H -2) drying system can be configured according to the requirement of customers.
  4. Pulp-molding molds: Shaping molds, hot-pressed reshaping molds and trimming molds are available.
  5. Complete set of equipment for pressing vegetable fiber and shaping vegetable fiber products: It is the special equipment for making the gardening products e.g. seedling cups, flower pots, etc.
  6. Pulp-molding products: All the year round, the following products are made and supplied: Gardening products, e.g. pulp-molding flower pots, pulp-molding suspending baskets, etc.; inner packing bedding for mechanical parts and electronic products; disposable medical articles e.g. surgical operation basins, chamer pots, medicine packing boxes; egg-trays, fruit bedding, bottle bedding, etc.

Our Model ZMB Pulp Molding Production Line was appraised in 1993 as a national key new product to be popularized. Model ZKC Pulp Molding Production Line and several types of the pulp molding products were appraised as the national-level new products, listed in the 1997 National Torch Program and the Practical Environmental Protection New Technology Popularization Plan respectively during the period from 1997 to 1999. Our equipment, molds and pulp molding products have been exported to Britain, America, Japan, EU, Australia, Canada, KOR, etc., for 15 years, and are well received by the customers.

Luyou Company provides all-round services to the customers, supply complete set of equipment and helps customers to install the equipment and make commissioning of the production line and provide technical training to the customers’ personnel to ensure that the qualified products are produced. We undertakes turn-key project. We can also supply various types of shapers, molds and drying equipment to the customers.

Our aim is to be responsible for customers’ today and customers’ tomorrow as well.
Our idea is that customers’ today is just our tomorrow.

Address of the Company: Room 3-202 of Gulouqu Jinshun Huayuan,Nanjing, China
Address of the plant: Tangshan Town,Nanjing,China
Tel.: (86)025-86616064 Fax: 025-52209596